Conducting a web analytics audit will provide you with a health check of your websites analytics, and it allows you to identify technical issues that may result in you collecting unreliable data.

Here at Digitally Limited we help clients monitor the health of their web analytics, by conducting regular web analytics audits.

Our free audit consists of a report put together by one of our analysts, we will revue up to 50 pages of your website, your report will cover:

  • Crawl performance, pages and tags
  • Classic, Universal analytics and Google Tag Manager code deployment
  • List of all vendors interacting with your site
  • Quality score of the 50 pages on your site

Once submitted one of our team will be in touch to discuss your free web analytics report.

Our free web analytics audit consists of a report conducted by Digitally Limited and is a reduced version of our bronze web analytics audit package.

Give your analytics health a checkup with Digitally Limited

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